Richard M. Vosburgh, Ph.D. 

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Finding Solutions

"This can feel like Moving Mountains; have your HR services kept up with your needs?"

Building a Strategic HR Function

Enhancing the impact of the profession:

  • Ensuring functional excellence within the human resources organization
  • Maximizing HR’s impact
  • Validating HR’s effectiveness
  • Solidifying HR’s perception and reputation
  • Developing solid measurement and reporting tools

Work Examples

KEMET Electronics Corporation: Changed from HR reporting to the Business Groups to directly reporting to HR so they could provide services across Business Groups in every country in which we operate.  Synergies allowed us to reduce headcount by 25%.

HP & Compaq: Through several acquisition integrations had to lead the restructuring of HR at the same time we were helping other functions and business groups reorganize.

Vlasic Foods International: Spin-off allowed a “new start” for the HR group.  With 65 HR staff supporting 8,500 employee, completed legal spin-off requirements for compensation & benefits programs; opened and staffed a new headquarters; and outsourced transactional HR with PeopleSoft HRIS and Hewitt Benefit Connections.

Volkswagen: Had international organizational effectiveness responsibility for the 23,000 retail dealerships.  Completed a major customer satisfaction project for Dr. Lopez (#2 to the Chairman).  Designed and piloted a dealership continuous quality improvement process.  Executed programs for Dealer recruitment, selection, retention and performance incentives. 

Taco Bell (PepsiCo): While in a Field HR Director role, reported to the VP-GM of the Southern Division with full HR responsibility for 650 company and 400 franchise stores (20,000 employees).  Managed a $2.3 Million budget and established a new division office.  Built a new HR group of 29 people.  Originated the Value Menu approach to sales and marketing.  Reduced turnover by 39% for Managers and 23% for Assistants.  Reduced EEO charges by 57%.  Increased tax credit dollars by 34%.