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In setting the standard in providing employment litigation support, retail securities litigation support, regulatory and compliance consulting, forensic accounting and research, the Bates Group has handled complex projects and cases requiring the retention and analysis of more than a terabyte of data and millions of pages of statements, reports and other documents. With Bates Advantage, our proprietary digital data software, we’ve proven time and again that no case or project is too large for us to handle, and we invite you to let us help you with your next project.

Expert Witness Information

Expert witnesses providing consultation on employment practices and labor law. Experienced in providing reports on and opinions concerning employment discrimination, employee harassment, negligent hiring or retention, employment policies and procedures, compensation, benefits, employment rights, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), workplace safety, workplace violence and prevention, hazardous workplace conditions, and other employment related issues.

This expert witness role offers me an opportunity to use virtually all of the skills I have developed during my education and experience in understanding the correct policy, procedure and practices to determine whether employment discrimination has taken place. I also enjoy persuading others of my opinions, which are based on analyses and research specifically related to the case at hand.

 My technical and statistical background as a Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychologist (in addition to 35 years in Human Resources within well regarded organizations) assists me well.  An attorney may want to know whether there is statistical support for filing a class action discrimination lawsuit in court. In other instances, a test or other employment selection procedure may be challenged as to having adverse impact against a group protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and the attorney wants me to review validation studies for adherence to current professional standards, as required by the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures. In either case, I can provide guidance in obtaining and analyzing the information needed to determine whether discrimination has taken place. If a lawsuit is filed against an employer, I can be called to testify at the deposition and trial concerning the results of my analyses and related expert opinions.

One part of my role can be very challenging. The defendant’s attorneys have the opportunity to depose or question me under oath concerning the content of my report and my qualifications to provide expert opinions on the matters contained in my report. Since the goal of the opposing attorney is to discredit the expert, depositions can be the most difficult aspect of my job. Aggressive attorneys will attempt to rattle an expert by making accusations concerning lack of professionalism or incompetence. However, as long as the expert understands the roles being played out in the deposition, doesn’t take the accusations personally and sticks to the analysis and report, then the outcome will be based on facts and not emotions.