Richard M. Vosburgh, Ph.D. 

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Finding Solutions

"All in respected organizations where HR excellence directly impacts customer satisfaction and bottom line results."

18 Years: Direct Customer Facing Multi-Unit Operations

Hospitality and Franchisees (across many different products)--

Restaurants (Pizza Hut & Taco Bell when part of PepsiCo; MGM Resorts International)

Hotels (Hyatt Hotels and Resorts; MGM Resorts International)

Retail/Clothing Stores (Mervyn’s when part of Dayton Hudson, now Target)

Retail (Godiva Chocolate stores when with Campbell Soup Company)

Automobile Dealerships (Volkswagen; SMART Car dealership selection in Europe)

12 Years: Global High Tech Electronics and Manufacturing

Compaq & HP (including acquisition of Digital and serving in Asia Pacific)

KEMET Electronics Corporation (10,000 employees and only 700 in the US)

GTE (Assessment Centers for corporate pilot)

5 Years: Consumer Products and Manufacturing

Campbell Soup Company (introduced the PepsiCo talent processes globally)

Vlasic Foods International (served as CHRO during the spinoff from Campbell’s)

Mars (Consulting on Empowerment)

Kraft (Consulting on Employee and Customer Satisfaction while at Gallup)