Richard M. Vosburgh, Ph.D. 

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Finding Solutions

"It all starts with the Leader.  Get that right and all else follows."

Leadership Development

Impacting leadership skills and attitudes:

  • Acquiring, motivating, training and developing leaders
  • Planning for leadership succession
  • Providing diverse and inclusive functional and organizational leadership
  • Providing specific functional training to improve leadership skills
  • Using  Myers Briggs Type Indicator to create style awareness

Work Examples

KEMET Electronics Corporation: Designed and delivered 9-month long executive education programs for 35 high potentials each year.  One week with Harvard Professors in deep case study; 6-months serving on an Action Learning Team with coaches and mentors; second week with additional training, 360 Feedback, and a presentation to the CEO and Leadership Team.

PepsiCo: For ten years, oversaw the implementation of the best succession planning program of its era.  Highly focused talent review with strong accountability to “do what you said you would do last year”.  At Taco Bell where we opened one new store every day the need for Leaders was evident every day; in support of quality we opened 5 Region Training Centers where you did not become an Assistant or Restaurant Manager anywhere in our system without completing the program (2 weeks in-restaurant working; 1 week in Training Center; 3 weeks certification process back in restaurant).

Campbell Soup Company: Personally planned and facilitated a Global Leaders Training program.  Rolled out a global training process and accountability based performance appraisal.

Volkswagen: Reported to the President of the Marketing Management Institute who reported to the Board Member responsible for worldwide Sales and Marketing.  Had international organizational effectiveness responsibility for the 23,000 retail dealerships.  Completed a major customer satisfaction project for Dr. Lopez (#2 to the Chairman).  Designed and piloted a dealership continuous quality improvement process.  Executed programs for Dealer recruitment, selection, retention and performance incentives.  Introduced employee and customer satisfaction measures and a European competition.  Delivered international executive development programs at our conference/hotel facility.