Richard M. Vosburgh, Ph.D. 

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Finding Solutions

"Is everyone very clear on their Job Accountabilities and how they contribute to the organization's Strategy?"

Organizational Effectiveness

Strengthening the organization's capability to execute:

  • Directing culture and organizational change
  • Building a learning culture with a focus on innovation
  • Implementing organizational design (structure; reorganization)
  • Developing and maintaining intellectual capital
  • Ensuring organizational learning, agility and transformation

Work Examples

KEMET Electronics Corporation: First assignment was to work with a team to develop a new Mission, Vision and Values for the company.  The output was very positively received and formed the basis for many early agreements with our joint venture partner in Japan.  As part of the Leadership Forum we provided Agility Training.

Compaq & HP: Involved many times in the organizational redesign that came with acquisitions.

Volkswagen: Executed plant-based Customer Comes First team development and quality improvement.  Utilized 20 team consultants to help open Europe’s largest parts Distribution Center using a “touch it once cross docking system” that required teamwork.

SMART Cars: While at Gallup, sold the largest 1st-year selection contract for the Mercedes Benz/Swatch Watch joint venture--Created and executed the selection process for their Franchise Partners in Europe, thus strongly influencing their culture (finding entrepreneurs willing to follow franchise rules).  Created the Gallup capability to offer selection services throughout Europe for the first time (12 countries, 5 languages).