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HRPS Workshop: Talent Management, June 5-6, 2014

A 40-Year Retrospective on Talent Development: The PepsiCo Story

Presented by:

Dr. Richard Vosburgh, ex-SVP & CHRO, KEMET Electronics Corporation and current President, RMV Solutions LLC

Dr. Allan Church, VP OD--Global Groups, Functions, Corporate and Executive Assessment & Development, PepsiCo

PepsiCo is so well known for the strength of its HR initiatives that it is almost cliché to hear the Executive Search Firm consultant state in the first sentence “they want someone with PepsiCo experience”!  Richard was with PepsiCo from 1981-1990 (with both Pizza Hut and Taco Bell), most of those years in Management Development and Training with responsibility for their famed annual Human Resource Plan (HRP) presentation, with Dr. Bob Eichinger as his dotted line boss at PepsiCo.  “Dr. Bob” went on to grow Lominger, Inc. and sell it to Korn/Ferry to build up its Talent offerings; some of his 8 impactful years at PepsiCo will be referenced.  Allan has been with PepsiCo since 2000 and together with Richard will fill in what transpired (or did not!) in the decade of the ‘90s.

Given this rich context we will explore:

  • The direct impact of the CEO, CHRO (and their relationship) on Talent initiatives
  • The core enduring elements in succession planning and individual development
  • The role of “having the right conversation” vs. “filling out the forms”
  • The importance of Accountability by line management for any program to have teeth
  • High Potentials vs. Millenials and the Changed Employment Contract
  • The history of moving from color coded Kodaliths to Crowd Sourced Assessments