Richard M. Vosburgh, Ph.D. 

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Finding Solutions

"Some of the most complex work I've ever done; but also very rewarding."

Restructuring and Mergers & Acquisitions

Ensuring effective HR contributions during change:

  • Due diligence during pre-acquisition or restructuring
  • Implementation planning for structure and synergy
  • Execution of planning
  • Resetting and reinvigorating the new organization
  • Support for major spin-offs of businesses

 Work Examples

PepsiCo: In the ‘80s every division of PepsiCo would reorganize about every two years (whether they needed to or not); and that created a lot of agility and speed in the organization; many lessons from those years.

HP: Joined Compaq in 1999 and helped integrate Digital Equipment as VP-HR, Americas; then with HP’s acquisition of us completed that integration then promoted to VP-HR, Asia Pacific in Singapore with 14 countries reporting.  The Compaq/HP integration is a classic with many lessons learned.

KEMET Electronics Corporation: Involved for 2 years in both the due diligence and the synergy planning and execution for NEC TOKIN, a Japanese company that will almost double KEMET’s size.

Campbell Soup Company: Served as the designer of the structure for a $1.5B spinoff, then served as VP & CHRO for it.  Created a new corporate structure for an existing set of global businesses as diverse as Mushroom Farms (largest in the world), Vlasic Pickles and Swanson Frozen Foods.