Richard M. Vosburgh, Ph.D. 

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Finding Solutions

"It's the Talent, Stupid. . .set goals and get out of their way."

Talent Management

Securing diverse talent to meet the organization's future needs:

  • Managing talent acquisition
  • Developing retention strategies
  • Driving employee motivation
  • Fostering employee development
  • Providing Empowerment training

Work Examples

TalentKeepers: Involved in their initial program design while at Campbell Soup Company, I now work with them as an Alliance Partner.  They have excellent on-line tools to help any organization both measure and improve employee engagement.

KEMET Electronics Corporation: Planned and implemented in one year the core Talent modules of Success Factors, for the first such global implementation in the company.

MGM Resorts International: Opened the CityCenter Employment Center with a combination of high-tech screening (knockout questions and background checks) and high-touch screening (for “fit & sparkle”).

PepsiCo: At Taco Bell, introduced DDI’s Interaction Management program to teach managers how to better engage employees.  At both Pizza Hut and Taco Bell introduced the Employee Feedback Program which for the first time asked store employees about their engagement.  Planned a new way to measure “Core Employee Turnover” and a new “Serve Yourself Shift Planning” program that dramatically reduced unwanted turnover.

The Gallup Organization: Delivered the world class Gallup employee satisfaction measurement process within many organizations.